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Outdoor Dining

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One thing I love about Summer is eating outdoors. Evenings seem to stretch further when you are sitting outside enjoying a meal with the family, it is one reason we decided that melamine / bamboo dinnerware an absolute must to stock on our website and it continues to be one of our most popular lines.

For anyone with kids the durability is great or even if you want something a little more stylish than plastic picnic plates melamine really fits the bill for dining outdoors in the Australian Summer. The range of vibrant patterns available now make a fashionable addition to your outdoor table.

We make sure our melamine exceeds all Australian standards and is imported from the U.S.A. where strict F.D.A. testing makes sure the products are safe. We also have an eco friendly range of 45% bamboo 55% melamine plates.

Check out our range at and enjoy your weekend!