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Pottery Barn, West Elm and Williams Sonoma Open in Australia

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Pottery Barn Lighting

You may have read my excited post months ago on Pottery Barn opening up in Sydney on May 2 this year.

As a huge fan of the store and being in the midst of building a house my wish list was long and varied and had items ranging from furniture to pendant lighting as well as a multitude of other lovelies, so I held off buying many things thinking I would save the overseas freight charges and purchase it from the online Australian store once it opened.

Imagine my disappointment when the Australian website launched and the offering was well…small to put it mildly. The Australian Pottery Barn and West Elm range available online is significantly pared down compared to what is still on offer to many other countries, but not to worry I told myself, the things that aren’t available through the Australian website here I will just order from the U.S. site… WRONG.  The ability to order from the U.S. sites have already been disabled for Australian shoppers.

pottery barn bathroom

Now I am not one to usually vent in this fashion on the blog but after many years in high volume retail before starting my own online business I cant help but see the missed opportunity here and that Australian consumers that have awaited these brands opening here will be bitterly disappointed at the online offering.

There may be a physical store that has a much larger range but that is no use to the thousands of potential customers that don’t reside in the Sydney metro area and with more stores due to open in other cities by the end of the year all I can hope is that they significantly increase their  online offering.

This is only my two cents worth and should probably come under the heading ‘First World Problems’ but I am writing this from the point of view of a customer who does most of my shopping online. So for now until I will have to make a new wish list, insert sigh.

Pottery Barn Coming to Australia

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I must admit I have long been a Pottery Barn tragic and was thrilled a couple of years ago when they started shipping to Australia. You can imagine my joy when I found that they are actually opening a store later this year in Sydney’s Bondi Junction Exchange building.

Hopefully this will mean that furniture will now be available for shipping around Australia because at present they don’t ship any larger items to Australia because of the obvious high cost involved.

Along with Williams Sonoma another American retailer of high quality kitchenware the Bondi Junction  location will be the only Australian retail outlet so here’s hoping that everything will be available online as living in Perth I wont get a chance to often visit (insert frowny face) the store.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Pottery Barn you should really check out their website , but be prepared to waste a good couple of hours doing so.