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New Season Outdoor Living

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Melamine dinnerware Outdoor dining

Melamine dinnerware outdoor dining

Our new season outdoor living range has just arrived with more to follow. We have some new additions to our melamine range from Rice of Denmark as well as some gorgeous paper picnic products.
Check out the new range at today and beat the warm weather rush.

Postage flat rate of $10 Australia wide. Delivery to Australian addresses only.

RI7PLA8X[1] Rose Paper Plates Assorted Set8 (1)

Rose paper plates set of 8

Folklore cake stand

Folklore cake stand

sparrow salad set

Sparrow salad set available in green, black and white.

Turquoise tea light candle

Turquoise tea light candle

Navajo table runner

Navajo table runner

Pottery Barn, West Elm and Williams Sonoma Open in Australia

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Pottery Barn Lighting

You may have read my excited post months ago on Pottery Barn opening up in Sydney on May 2 this year.

As a huge fan of the store and being in the midst of building a house my wish list was long and varied and had items ranging from furniture to pendant lighting as well as a multitude of other lovelies, so I held off buying many things thinking I would save the overseas freight charges and purchase it from the online Australian store once it opened.

Imagine my disappointment when the Australian website launched and the offering was well…small to put it mildly. The Australian Pottery Barn and West Elm range available online is significantly pared down compared to what is still on offer to many other countries, but not to worry I told myself, the things that aren’t available through the Australian website here I will just order from the U.S. site… WRONG.  The ability to order from the U.S. sites have already been disabled for Australian shoppers.

pottery barn bathroom

Now I am not one to usually vent in this fashion on the blog but after many years in high volume retail before starting my own online business I cant help but see the missed opportunity here and that Australian consumers that have awaited these brands opening here will be bitterly disappointed at the online offering.

There may be a physical store that has a much larger range but that is no use to the thousands of potential customers that don’t reside in the Sydney metro area and with more stores due to open in other cities by the end of the year all I can hope is that they significantly increase their  online offering.

This is only my two cents worth and should probably come under the heading ‘First World Problems’ but I am writing this from the point of view of a customer who does most of my shopping online. So for now until I will have to make a new wish list, insert sigh.

The Outdoor Chandelier

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outdoor lightingoutdoor umbrella chandelier









We still have a couple of months of warmer weather here in Australia and this idea for an outdoor chandelier is perfectly suited to our love of outdoor living. All that is required is an outdoor umbrella and a table setting with a hole in the table top to hold the umbrella upright. This idea could also be easily adapted to hang around the perimeter of  an alfresco area, large tree or from a balcony, just make sure you properly secure them to whatever they are hanging from.

There are now real wax flameless candles that are available in Australia that are perfect for this type of outdoor setting and the fact that cant be blown out by a breeze and are completely safe makes them a great option. But if you are using real candles as shown in the pictures please use caution.

D.I.Y. Lanterns

marthastewart.comCollect a dozen glass jars or votive holders in different sizes, each with a wide top or a rim (as on jelly jars). Wrap wire around each top, and twist to secure. Bend another piece of wire into a loop, and attach as a handle. Cut varying lengths of chain, and attach a small S hook to the top of each. Slip hook over a spoke of your patio umbrella, and secure hook with adhesive putty. Attach another S hook to the bottom of each chain, and use it to hang the lantern.

TIP – Make it truly unique by using coloured glass jars or votive holders. If you cant fins any paint some regular glass jars with some coloured glass paint.

Sources-, Pinterest

Colourful Outdoor Living

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Queen of love throne chairs

Queen of Love throne outdoor chairs by Italian design house Moro Pigatti

Outdoor living and entertaining is one area that you can be brave in your colour choices. If you are like me and extremely safe with your interior colour schemes, your outdoor area is something that you can experiment with by trying brighter options as this area of the house can be changed so easily.

Seasonal change dictate our outdoor living habits so Spring and Summer is the time that we entertain the most outside, so using colour  need not be permanent out here and can be changed as simply a bright dinner setting or a coat of paint to some wooden furniture. You could even be a little braver and paint a feature wall if you have one as a really bright wall outside looks fabulous as a garden backdrop but inside could be quite disastrous.

Pink wall

Pink wall

Garden furniture designers are beginning to manufacture brighter pieces and most stores now stock really colourful cushions and table accessories to give a really vibrant look to your outdoor space.

Be brave and try something different in the warmer months to give your outdoor space a real lift, you will be glad you did.

Rattan coloured lanterns

Rattan Coloured Lanterns from Urban Spice

Outdoor Dining

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One thing I love about Summer is eating outdoors. Evenings seem to stretch further when you are sitting outside enjoying a meal with the family, it is one reason we decided that melamine / bamboo dinnerware an absolute must to stock on our website and it continues to be one of our most popular lines.

For anyone with kids the durability is great or even if you want something a little more stylish than plastic picnic plates melamine really fits the bill for dining outdoors in the Australian Summer. The range of vibrant patterns available now make a fashionable addition to your outdoor table.

We make sure our melamine exceeds all Australian standards and is imported from the U.S.A. where strict F.D.A. testing makes sure the products are safe. We also have an eco friendly range of 45% bamboo 55% melamine plates.

Check out our range at and enjoy your weekend!