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Heirloom Tomatoes At Home

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Heirloom tomatoes

Ever heard the term ‘Heirloom tomatoes’ and wondered what the difference is between these and the supermarket variety? well there is a huge difference in both taste and the origin of Heirloom tomatoes. Put simply these are tomatoes that have not been altered like the hybrid varieties available to us now in fact these are old varieties that have remained unchanged for years.

Brandy wine tomato

The taste is also amazing, nothing at all like the unsatisfying supermarket tomatoes. The taste differs with each variety and this half the fun of growing these vintage breeds, why not experiment and try a mix of different tomato plants, that will not only look visually exciting but give you a wide variety of tomato tastes.

tiger green tomatoes

If you are in Australia one such company sells a huge range of Heirloom tomato seeds, check out the Australian Gardener  and if you are in the U.S. just google to find a multitude of sites that can ship you some heirloom seeds.

Photo sources:  and the Australian Gardener