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Picture Collage Walls

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As the weather turns colder here in Australia a good interior design project is a picture wall collage.

We all have heaps of framed photos that we struggle to find homes for so this Winter I am determined to create a photo collage on a wall in my home, in my case I am going to attempt the stairs. There are so many ways you get a cohesive look to your collage. If you have a modern home you may prefer to go with a standard grid which looks fantastic with large black and white photos.

Stairs can be a little trickier but so long as you determine a diagonal line up the stairs (maybe use a piece of string taped to the wall as a guide) and have a handful of photos that corners touch this line then you can hang in any order above and it will never look wrong.

A good suggestion is to make paper patterns of all your frames first and blue tac them to the wall, that way you can play around with your placement before you go hammering hangers into your walls.

Choosing frames all the same colour is another way of tying the look together.

I have found some pics below that might give you some inspiration showing a number of different collages. Hope you can find something to spark your creativity!

Eclectic Entry by Knoxville Artist And Artisan Sawdust Girl

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