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Modern Versus Traditional

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Modern KitchenTraditional Kitchen

Sometime in the next few months hubby and I hope to break ground on our new home.

Building is not something that’s new to us we have been down that road a few times now and living in Perth for the past 15 years in the midst of a building boom we decided this was the best option to get what we wanted in a home.

I must admit that over time my tastes have changed somewhat in what style I now want for my home. You see I have always been in love with older houses and renovating and getting that charm that just seems missing in some newer homes, but hubby prefers the new build because the long hours he works leaves not much time for renovation (although I suspect that maybe an excuse) hence we have built about 3 times now.

My current house, that is soon to be sold, is modern in its fixtures, modern style kitchen and bathrooms and paint choices, but I am now shifting my focus and wondering if its possible to build a house from scratch and make it look like its always been there in regard to fittings and finishes.

At the moment we have some plans drawn up and I quite excited to see a weatherboard beach house style looking back at me but at the same time filled with terror at the idea of finishing it and furnishing it in a way that will do justice to its style. It has got me thinking about what finishes other people incorporate into their homes. There are a lot of people that  buy  heritage style property’s to renovate and update the interior so its completely modern and this also looks great. I have decided to go with a traditional look inside also in regard to the kitchen and bathrooms so I’m thinking something based around a Hamptons style (this will depend on how far the budget goes)  and so far in my costings it seems that there isn’t too much difference in price when doing it from scratch and  just changing a style, although I will let you know know if it continues that way or not.

In the end I think its something that just comes down to personal taste but I would love to know what other people’s thoughts and experiences are on the subject. Do you prefer modern architecture and finishes or a mix of both traditional and modern?

I will keep posting from time to time about my building experience, fingers crossed that will turn out somewhere close to what I imagine it to be.