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Australia Day Party Ideas

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With Australia Day fast approaching now is the time to get some ideas together if you are celebrating the day with family or friends.

Australia Day food means different things to different people depending on your cultural background but here are some simple classic suggestions for a lunch or dinner celebration especially for outdoor dining.

Seafood is a definite crowd pleaser so why no go for the simplest of seafood options, some whole prawns with some lemon wedges on the side to start with, just be sure to put out some finger bowls for your guests.

For a simple main course you cant get more Aussie than a burger cooked on the BBQ, why not try something a little bit more special by using lamb mince in the meat patty and using a Greek style mint yoghurt for a condiment. Let your guests build their own to suit their taste by offering a number of different filling options.


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You really cant go wrong serving a berry Pavlova for dessert and the colours of our red, white and blue flag can be achieved using just raspberries, blueberries and of course the white of the Pavlova and cream.

Keep outdoor tables simple by using a plain white table cloth and bring in some colour with your plates, napkins and any decorations you choose. Try sticking with the red, white and blue primary colours. For a novel way to display cutlery grab some glass jars, line with a red or blue napkin and stand your cutlery in the jars.

Whatever you are doing on the day be sure to find time to relax and enjoy the holiday!



Picture source – Pinterest