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Decorating with colour

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Choosing the right colour scheme is what scares people the most about decorating their interior spaces but it really shouldn’t be something to be frightened of.
I must admit that despite being an artist in a former life with a very good sense of colour I still find it difficult to sometimes stray from the neutral colour palette I favour but when I do the results have so much more impact.

Decorating a space in terms of colour is as easy as 60-30-10. You’ll notice that the rooms you like the most are almost always divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Below is an example of this colour percentage.

When decorating a particular room, divide the colours into percentages:
60% of a dominant colour
30% of a secondary colour
10% of an accent colour

Translated to a room setting, it typically means:
60% of the room’s colour is the walls
30% of the room’s colour is the upholstery
10% of the room’s colour is, say, an accent piece or a floral arrangement.

Colour can be the biggest mood lifter there is so dont be afraid of a touch of colour.

Eclectic Living Room by Jamestown Furniture and Accessories Barbara Schaver @ Furnitureland South

Eclectic Living Room by Charlotte Interior Designers & Decorators Lucy and Company

Eclectic Living Room by San Juan Capistrano Closet & Home Storage Designers Tara Bussema

Sources: Houzz, HGTV

Winter Interior Decorating Projects

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With the cold weather keeping us from enjoying the outdoors, why not take the opportunity to update your interiors with these budget interior decorating ideas.

Wallpaper Bookcase

Use wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper remnants to line the back of an old bookshelf  for a huge colour and design  impact.

family photo Vignette

Create a family photo vignette by using  existing family photos brought together in black frames displayed with some smaller treasures for a personal family display.

coffee table books

We have all heard of coffee table books but how many of us actually bring books off the shelves and onto a coffee table to create a display.

kids art

I for one have a fridge full of gorgeous paintings but how about displaying your kids artwork in stylish frames, you can change the pictures as the collection grows.