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Bedroom Interior Design

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I sometimes think that bedrooms are a bit of an after thought in most homes with us concentrating mainly on our living areas.
It got me searching (and dreaming) of what I would like my perfect bedroom to look like. Do you prefer a light and airy space? or maybe something more moodier and dark.

There is definitely no shortage of inspiration in some of these gorgeous bedroom designs.


Traditional Bedroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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We have for what seems like forever been planning a new home and it recently occurred to me that I hadn’t given much thought to the small ones bedroom so I came across these inspiring pics for anyone that was after ideas for a kids bedroom.

O.k. some are are probably over the top cost wise as far as built in bunks (but still nice to dream) but a lot of them are simple enough ideas put together quite cleverly such as painted cube storage secured to the wall, lets face it cubes are everywhere these days but this is something a bit different. There is also a pic of a chalkboard wall that is quite brilliant.

So what’s your preference? D.I.Y. or built in’s?