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Ikea’s Expedit Shelving Unit

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Expedit unit

Ever wondered what the most popular homeware product in Australia is? well probably not but I will let you know anyway.

The Ikea Expedit shelving unit in white which retails for $169 is by far and away the most popular furniture product in Australia.


Ikea put this down to the products versatility and you really can’t argue with that. It can be used as a display unit, room divider, bookcase and the list goes on. It is available in a number of colours but white seems to be most popular.

A number of times I have rang Ikea to enquire about a product and no sooner have I gotten out “Hi, I’d like to find out whether you have…” the customer service person jumps in with “Expedit unit?” so you can only imagine how many calls they must get regarding this popular piece on a daily basis.white expedit

Who would have thought that something so incredibly simple could be as popular as it is.

What are your thoughts? a fan of this product, or has it become too popular?

brown expedit


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