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Valentine’s Day with Kids Attached

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For some of us with kids going out for a romantic Valentines dinner can sometimes be not an option. I must admit that I’m usually anti-Valentines Day because its so commercial and even when it was just the two of us I usually was happy to have a quiet dinner at home.

Having a four year old in the house now who is obsessed with “Love hearts” I thought that a Valentines dinner at home could be fun with her as well.

So in my house we will be having a casual outdoor dinner made a little bit special with some Neapolitan cupcakes, just chocolate cupcakes with alternate vanilla and strawberry flavoured icing (Betty Crocker icing is the best pre made icing and easy to colour and flavour) topped with a chocolate a Damask melamine setting from Urban Spice and some home made Valentine hearts attached to some straws in red paper cups.

The main meal is yet to be decided but something casual like home made burgers might be a hit, hopefully it will be a lot of fun from a kids point of view and a little bit special for the adults as well.

Picture sources: Urban Spice, Pinterest

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