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The Outdoor Chandelier

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We still have a couple of months of warmer weather here in Australia and this idea for an outdoor chandelier is perfectly suited to our love of outdoor living. All that is required is an outdoor umbrella and a table setting with a hole in the table top to hold the umbrella upright. This idea could also be easily adapted to hang around the perimeter of  an alfresco area, large tree or from a balcony, just make sure you properly secure them to whatever they are hanging from.

There are now real wax flameless candles that are available in Australia that are perfect for this type of outdoor setting and the fact that cant be blown out by a breeze and are completely safe makes them a great option. But if you are using real candles as shown in the pictures please use caution.

D.I.Y. Lanterns

marthastewart.comCollect a dozen glass jars or votive holders in different sizes, each with a wide top or a rim (as on jelly jars). Wrap wire around each top, and twist to secure. Bend another piece of wire into a loop, and attach as a handle. Cut varying lengths of chain, and attach a small S hook to the top of each. Slip hook over a spoke of your patio umbrella, and secure hook with adhesive putty. Attach another S hook to the bottom of each chain, and use it to hang the lantern.

TIP – Make it truly unique by using coloured glass jars or votive holders. If you cant fins any paint some regular glass jars with some coloured glass paint.

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