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Colourful Outdoor Living

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Queen of love throne chairs

Queen of Love throne outdoor chairs by Italian design house Moro Pigatti

Outdoor living and entertaining is one area that you can be brave in your colour choices. If you are like me and extremely safe with your interior colour schemes, your outdoor area is something that you can experiment with by trying brighter options as this area of the house can be changed so easily.

Seasonal change dictate our outdoor living habits so Spring and Summer is the time that we entertain the most outside, so using colour  need not be permanent out here and can be changed as simply a bright dinner setting or a coat of paint to some wooden furniture. You could even be a little braver and paint a feature wall if you have one as a really bright wall outside looks fabulous as a garden backdrop but inside could be quite disastrous.

Pink wall

Pink wall

Garden furniture designers are beginning to manufacture brighter pieces and most stores now stock really colourful cushions and table accessories to give a really vibrant look to your outdoor space.

Be brave and try something different in the warmer months to give your outdoor space a real lift, you will be glad you did.

Rattan coloured lanterns

Rattan Coloured Lanterns from Urban Spice

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  1. I totally agree, outside spaces are the perfect opportunity to be creative – the sky is literally you’re limit. Whereas in times of old it was all about planting and maintaining, nowadays there are sooo many ways to create a haven. With modern, bright out door furniture, you can instantly transform a space into a bright stylish space.


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